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Thursday, August 03, 2006

David's Pizza

Yesterday afternoon we were visiting family up in the Gonzaga area. Afternoon turned into evening and we were getting hungry. We decided to try David’s Pizza. I usually eat at Bennidito's because it’s closer to my home and I really like it. I think David’s and Bennidito’s were once somehow related.
I am not a big beer drinker, I like it, but I usually prefer wine. I was looking forward to The Greek pizza and a glass of red wine.
I went up to the counter to order our drinks while we looked over the menu. Guess what, no wine, only beer. What’s up with that!!! I was shocked. Why wouldn’t a pizza joint serve wine? Isn’t it called a beer and wine license? Maybe collage kids just drink beer, but what about alumni and adults?

We decided on ½ Greek and ½ Da Vinci. So we drank our beer while we waited for our pizza to arrive. It arrived tasty and hot with paper plates to eat on. I don’t care for paper plates especially the cheap white thin ones we were given.
I think I will stick closer to home at Bennidito's.


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May I add this to the restaurant review database at TEO?


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